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Fruit flies are colored in yellow/tan to light brown with red eyes. They are approximately 2.3 to 4 mm and found all around the world and almost everywhere one can find exposed food.


Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, farmer’s markets, trash receptacles, recycling areas, dumpsters, beverage stations, and janitorial closets are some of their favorite areas.



Fruits flies enter homes to seek out food and breeding sources. Fruits flies are generally attracted by fermenting fruits, vegetables or moist decaying organic matter. Such fermentation or decays are caused by yeast or other fungi.


The larvae feed on the yeast and other micro-organisms in the fermenting materials. The presence of readily available fruits and vegetables in homes, food processing and handling facilities makes these structures primary target of fruit flies.


Adult fruit flies do not necessarily eat the fruit, but instead the fermenting material provides the larvae with a ready-made food source.


These tips may help you prevent house flies in your home:

  • Clean all drains and sink areas

  • Replace broken windows and screens

  • Reduce the presence of ripe fruits and vegetables; place them in a refrigerator or a paper bag

  • Create an air current to prevent them from landing in their favourite areas

  • Close the lids on all garbage and waste containers


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